Everybody Dance: A Just Dance killer?

Will Everybody Dance dethrone Just Dance as king of living room dance battles?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Sept. 24th, 2011) — You’ve probably played Just Dance, or a game similar to it. There has been a plethora of Just Dance clones over the last year that have tried to stand out from the most popular dancing game out today. Most of them have been pretty bad. Dance Central comes to mind as a great dancing video game, but it is only available on Kinect. Just Dance 3 is set to ship to stores in a few weeks on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 but Sony wants to take a stab at the dancing craze with their own game.

Everybody Dance works just as you remember Just Dance playing on your Wii. It is largely a copy and paste of the concept, but with the PS Move controller the game can track how you perform certain moves better than the standard Wii remote. There are moments when you have to cover up the controller behind your back, under your arms, and yet the game continues to track where its at or where it should be considering where you were moving it before the wanna be light bulb on the Move disappears behind your body.

With this, I have to say it plays the smallest bit better than Just Dance games. When I’ve played Just Dance, I would noticed that I could sometimes just shake the controller and get the result I desired. Everybody Dance keeps pretty good track of what you’re doing so I was easily exposed as the dancing fraud that I am. Other than this nothing really stands out besides the soundtrack.

The music in Everybody Dance seems to consist of the more popular songs from clubs today. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock” were the biggest highlights. The in game menu was much nicer to look at and easier to navigate than those usually found in Ubisoft’s ever popular Just Dance games.

Everybody Dance could be the definitive dance game on the PS3 this fall depending on whether you just want a casual work out or a full blown dance off. It will be important for potential buyers to know that Everybody Dance looks like it will feature more current dance hits that are often used in clubs and bars, so prepare to really get your boogie on but make sure the kids aren’t paying attention the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Everybody Dance should be invading living rooms this fall on the PS3.