Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Details Leak

Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dashboard Update

There is a lot of new info coming out through a video featuring leaked details about the Xbox 360 dashboard update coming this fall, or perhaps sooner than that.

Some of the new features are: Apps, Bing Search, New Kinect Voice Commands, Xbox Live TV, as well as better Kinect voice controls.

Also the video details unheard of features like Beacons, Skype, and sheds more like on the cloud storage coming to Xbox Live. This system update is going to add quite a bit of functionality with no increase in XBL’s price. One has to believe the price hike last year was in preparation for this huge overhaul. It is rumored to get a September/October release, earlier than the expected November update.

Watch the video to found out all the details for yourself. I personally like the new style of the dashboard and its heavy influence from Windows Phone 7. Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

Update: And just like that Microsoft has removed the video from YouTube. But we still have learned that Skype will be added to the Xbox 360 in the coming update, as well as Beacons which essentially are a status update for your console to let your friends on various social networking services like Facebook see what you’re playing.