Wii Redesign Inbound Switch

Wii Redesign Coming Late 2011

The Wii Redesign

Nintendo is apparently releasing a modestly redesigned Wii unit this fall, starting with only a European announcement. The Official Nintendo Magazine reports all the details about the unit. It is supposed to lay flat instead of stand horizontal, it takes away the ability to play GameCube games (so no more ports on the top of the console) and it reworks some other stuff.

No word yet on anything useful like perhaps an HDMI port, or some sort of memory boost. I’d think Nintendo would maybe have some grand plan with this, but as it stands the look is almost no different at all from the normal Wii people have been buying for 5 years. I really don’t see this as anything other than a cost cutting move, and I didn’t think the Wii could be any cheaper to produce.

No details have emerged yet about a world wide release for the redesigned system.