• Erick Villarreal

    Hey thanks bro, i ended up getting some good cash from gamestop trading in bioshock and grandtheft out 4, hey so how can i get some cheap p.c. games? i hear you can download them now right?

    • Yes you can. You should download Steam (its a PC game service) the software is free to download. You can buy PC games at amazing prices, its a terrific service brought to you by Valve, the developer of hit titles like Half-Life and Team Fortress.

      They often have sales on new releases, older titles, and even pre-order sales (like you get X percent off for paying for a game in advance) that can save you a large amount of money.

      They also usually have huge package deals where you can buy a group of selected titles for X amount, usually dozens of games, for a much smaller price than buying each individually.

      Here is the link to their site. Not only will downloading the software help you take advantage of massive discounts on a large variety of games, but Steam also makes for a terrific way to keep track of and manage the games that you have on your computer, whether you actually bought them through Steam or not.